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Ordinarius offers a varied repertoire, using the voice as its primary instrument and the Brazilian percussion as its perfect combination. The group’s original and exclusive arrangements are the work of Augusto Ordine, musical director and founder. The repertoire includes pieces by Ary Barroso, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Vinícius de Moraes, Rosa Passos, Joyce and other essential Brazilian composers. The arrangements are both acapella and also with guitar, cavaquinho and percussive instrumental accompaniment. Brazilian rhythms such as choro, baião, samba and ijexá are visited by the septet that is a modern representation of a timeless Brazilian culture. Ordinarius has an international carrer and won awards such as Brasil Vocal 2014, Prêmio Profissionais da Música 2018 and 2023 in the category Vocal Group.
With the repertoire of their first album, Ordinarius, considered to be one of the best CDs of Brazilian music in 2012 by the music site “O embrulhador”, they have toured in Brazil and Europe. The group’s music clips have more than 300 thousand visualizations on YouTube and are drawing in fans from all over the world. The Ordinarius version of “As long as you love me”, originally performed by the Backstreet Boys, was recommended by the American group itself on Twitter and Facebook, drawing additional attention to the group’s rendition of the song, which ended up being included in the soundtrack of the popular TV drama Salve Gorge, on Brazil’s Rede Globo.

The second album, Rio de Choro, was dedicated to this important genre, the Choro, and took Ordinarius to represent the Brazilian culture in countries like Panama, Paraguai and Switzerland.

The third album, Extra, is a digital one and carries some of the songs that are known by the fans through the clips on youtube, but many of them were not yet recorded by the septet.

The forth album is Notável, a journey through Carmen Miranda's repertoire, regarding important Brazilian songs from the decades 1920 to 1940. This CD was nominated for Brazil's most important music award, the Prêmio da Música Brasileira. With this project, Ordinarius toured through the United States, Japan and  France.


The fifth album is Paralelas, a tribute to brazilian women composers. Important names in brazilian popular music such as Chiquinha Gonzaga, Joyce, Dolores Duran, Teresa Cristina and many others are represented in this project.


During the year 2020 the group was dedicated to Bossa 20, the new project planned together with our patrons at and patreon/ordinarius. The public selected the songs they wanted to hear on Ordinarius' voices and percussions and the result is the new album, released in 2021.


In 2021 the group recorded songs by Aldir Blanc, a very important brazilian lyricist, producing the album Blanc, launched in 2022. The concerts returned in 2022, in Brasília, Rio de Janeiro, Canarian Islands (Spain), World Choral Expo (Lisboa) and the festival Leipzig a Cappella (Germany). 


In 2023 the group´s new release is Pizindim, an album dedicated to the work of Pixinguinha, one of the most important choro composers from Brazil. 

Ordinarius' goal is to offer quality vocal music that draws on many styles and sources. Their performances offer the audience the opportunity to sit back and enjoy the best that vocal arrangement can offer, as well as a chance to sing along and join the fun!

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